freelance illustrator
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specializing in ink and graphite

commissions are open

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Amygdala, zoomed in
Veil, zoomed in
Sphinx, zoomed in
Panoply Afterglow
Panoply Afterglow, zoomed in
The Shrouded Fetish of a Nameless Clergyman
The Shrouded Fetish of a Nameless Clergyman, zoomed in
A Forgotten Place
A Forgotten Place, zoomed in
Cudgel Augur
Cudgel Augur, zoomed in
Verilative Writhe
Verilative Writhe, zoomed in
Hueco Canyon Watershed
Hueco Canyon Watershed, zoomed in
Compiler, zoomed in
Rocking Horse
Rocking Horse, , zoomed in
Comes Calling
Comes Calling, zoomed in
Raven Study
Raven Study, zoomed in
Ov Lustra
Ov Lustra, zoomed in
Habitual Tatters
Habitual Tatters, zoomed in
Kingfisher Study
Kingfisher Study, zoomed in
Shaman, zoomed in
more to come!